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How to Choose Wonderful Wedding Gifts

Wedding gifts for her and him tend to be household items but nowadays couples often live together long before the wedding so they probably have all their household needs fulfilled by now.

The best way to ensure that your gift won't be surplus to requirements is to personalise it. By personalising any gift to suit a person's lifestyle or personality, or even by making it unique, you are giving them a gift that they will cherish for a lifetime. Gifts this special can't be found on the high street so get online and start browsing and unusual gifts for her and him will start cropping up in their hundreds.

When celebrating any big event like this you need to toast it with a drink. Obviously there will be copious amounts of alcohol available on the day itself so why not buy the couple an extra special drink for after the big day. No celebration is complete without champagne so why not order a bottle of personalised champagne for the lovebirds. These beautiful gifts come printed with the couple's names and a message of your choice on the label and will be preserved long after the bubbles are gone. If the groom isn't much of a champagne drinker, then why not give the blushing bride her own bottle of pink bubbly and present him with a personalised bottle of scotch whiskey. Both gifts can be accompanied with matching champagne flutes or tumblers and these can be engraved with the wedding date to create unique and memorable gifts for her and him.

They may have all they need for their household but we'd bet our bottom dollars they don't have a personalised doormat? These high quality coir welcome mats come bearing the greeting "Welcome to the ------- residence." By filling in the blank you are giving a gift which is irreplaceable and will most certainly be taken with them to every home they inhabit over the course of their marriage.

If they have a particular hobby that they share then why no treat them to an experience day gift package for two. Perhaps they support a mutual football team? If so you could treat them to a V.I.P. tour of their favourite home stadium. They will tread the turf of the hallowed grounds, and walk in their favourite players footsteps and even have a sneaky peek in the locker rooms. The day is perfectly rounded off with a luxury lunch in an executive box overlooking the entire stadium. This is the perfect opportunity to unwind after the stress of organising a wedding.

So think about gifts for her and him that they can actually utilise as you want to get your money's worth as well as ensuring that they stand the test of time.